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    Why our company is named “Camellia”?

    Quite often people ask us why our company is named “Camellia”.  The most frequent guess is that the name of the owner of the company is Camilla, and serves as a basis for our name. But this is certainly not true!

    Lets take a look back to 2011 where it all began: 

    Kharkov National University named after Karazin, Sociology Faculty, “Marketing Sociology Project”. A young and ambitious 3rd year student, Yazgulya, and her fellow partners work on a newly assigned project. Being the creative mind and soul of the group, she exclaims: “I got it! It is going to be a project on “Tea”! With no questions asked, everyone agreed right away. They knew she loved tea more than anything else. And so the inspired, and enthusiastic Yazgulya runs home pondering of the best name for the imaginary company. Having researched tons and tons of materials she finds the perfect name – “Camellia”. Because the best tea in the world comes from the leaves of this gorgeous fragrant flower. With a solid idea, the project was successfully completed and soon forgotten.   

    Fast forward to the year 2017. Chicago. The mother of 2 very energetic boys, so passionate about floristry, is working on her project design for her new company. This time it is very real. Holding a cup of the freshly brewed tea, she flips through endless books on flowers and as she is hit with a memory of the long forgotten “Camellia” project. Bingo! Still having second thoughts, she researches camellia and it is love all over again! This time, at second sight! She knew right away this was an ideal flower that will represent the philosophy of her brand just perfectly! 

    For camellia they say that the combination of elegance of rose, the beauty of anemone and the sophistication of orchids, is why it is also called the queen of flowers. Its beautiful flowers and oval, leather, dark green leaves. 

    Camellias are beautiful blossoms with a rich history and cultural significance. In fact, it is a well-respected flower in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. The reason is due to its beauty and range of variety, but also because of the symbolism of the flower. But what does camellia symbolize? To answer this question, we need to get to know the flower first.

    Origins of Camellia

    The camellia is native to Eastern Asia. And it’s an especially popular plant in China and Japan. Botanists in Ancient China were cultivating Camellias a long time before they arrived in Europe. But Camellia’s name meaning is associated with the Jesuit missionary and botanist Georg Joseph Kamel. During his mission in Asia, he described the plant and brought it to Europe in the 17th century. Later, a Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus named the species after Kamel’s name to honor his contribution to botany.



    Camellia flower has several important meanings that are passed on from one generation to another and that made it up until today. These meanings are: 

    • Perfection and excelence
    • Longevity and happiness 
    • Everlasting love and devotion

    A white camellia flower generally represents purity or good luck.

    Pink or red camellia flowers can symbolize romantic love, passion, longing, or desire.

    “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

    – George Sand

    In literature

    We believe that everybody’s first association with this flower is the famous novel by Alexander Dime “The Lady with Camellias”. Delicate, gentle, sophisticated and graceful camellia certainly deserved to be on the list of the most favorite flowers that we traditionally gift not only to those we love, but also to people we secretly admire, and who may not even be aware that they are the object of our admiration.

    That is why, in addition to the obvious association of perfection and decency, camellia has always been a symbol of longing. 

    “Women sometimes allow you to be unfaithful to their love;they never allow you to wound their self-esteem” – Alexandre Dumas

    In culture

    In China, the camellia flower is traditionally viewed as a union between two lovers. The delicate petals represent the woman while the green, leafy portion of the stem that holds the petals together, known as the calyx, represents the protective man. 

    The meaning here has to do with the unique nature of the camellia flower. When a flower dies, the petals and calyx usually separate. With the camellia, however, the petals and calyx fall away together  – a symbol of undying, everlasting love.

    “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life if would change ” – Buddha

    In fashion

    Fashion house Chanel has used the camellia flower as an iconic symbol. As the story goes, Coco Chanel started wearing a camellia brooch after receiving a bouquet of camellias. From there, the blossom has been incorporated into the design of several Chanel products, including shoes and jewelry.

    “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Coco Chanel

    Photographer: Ekaterina Zima (@zima_portraits)

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